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Go from zero to hero with our AI programmes for kids, students, working professionals...basically everyone!


Explore our AI Products. These products can be easily used and deployed.


Accelerated learning happens when you are part of an engaged community.
Ask, learn and share.

AI for Good : Ideate, Share
and Make a Difference

Have an idea where AI can make a difference? Share it and bring it to reality!


Learning about AI can be overwhelming with the large number of online resources, MOOCs, classroom trainings and books.

We have developed and curated a range of AI materials to help kids, students and working professionals learn more about AI without the hype and to remove the myths about AI.


AI products will be built based on experience gained from the completed 100E projects and common industry needs. These products will include both open source software and IPs developed by our local universities. We will make it easily accessible to start-ups, industry and agencies.


AI is fast evolving and is often not enough to just attend a class or learn from a book. Share AI, maintained by AI Singapore’s engineers, apprentices and local AI community, provides a snapshot of the latest AI techniques, codes, best practices and 100E projects done in AI Singapore.

Community Forum

Communities are built online and offline. AI Singapore maintains the online forum for the local AI community. We also organize meetups and workshops that cater to start-ups, enthusiasts, professionals and researchers.

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