Becoming an AI Apprentice – A Field Guide

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This is version 2 of the “So you want to become an AI Apprentice”. We have now renamed this resource as “Becoming an AI Apprentice – A Field Guide”. We expect to update this resource often.

This field guide lays out the skills we expect candidates applying to the AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)™ should have.

Changes in version 2:

  1. content is now aligned to AI Singapore’s AI Certification initiative
  2. all online courses and materials recommended are free (at the time we review the resource).


  • License
  • Why this field guide?
  • AI Singapore AI Certification Initiative
  • AI Certification Assessment Framework
  • AI Makerspace – LearnAI
  • Recommended Reading Materials
  • AI ASSOCIATE ENGINEER – Required Competencies
    • Python Programming
    • SQL
    • Software Engineering
    • Statistical, Machine and Deep Learning
    • Intel AI Academy
    • Azure Machine Learning Service
    • Data Engineering
    • AI Ethics and Governance
  • Beyond MNIST – Building an AI project

Download the field guide here: Becoming an AI Apprentice – A Field Guide (version 2.4)

The AIAP™ is the first TechSkills Accelerator Company-Led Training (TeSA-CLT) initiative in AI. This is a collaboration between AI Singapore and IMDA to develop a pipeline of AI professionals for the industry.

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