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Ideate, Share, Make a Difference!

Have an idea where AI can make a difference? This is the platform to share it and bring it to reality.

Have An Ideas That Can Impact The Society Positively?
Here is a Platform Where You Can Share and Leverage on Our Team Of AI Engineers!

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– Laurence Liew

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt​

With many AI techniques and tools developed in recent years, you can now turn ideas into applications that create a positive impact on society. At AI Singapore, we support individuals and students in executing their ideas with AI.


Why Share Ideas?

  • Leverage on our pool of AI engineers

  • Get access to our AI4I course for free! (worth $843.50)

  • Exclusive internship for students

  • Contribute positive impact to society

  • And best of all, it's free!

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Drop in your idea at AISG Ideation Platform
  • Step 2: After review, it will be made open for public voting.
  • Step 3: Get your friends and network to vote!
  • Step 4: The idea with the most votes will be evaluated by AI Singapore. If approved, you have yourself a winning idea!

Take a look at what others have shared

Who can share ideas?

  • We welcome ideas from individuals and students.

Outcome for the selected ideas

  • For individuals, you will receive a one-year subscription to AI4I. Be AI proficient!
  • For students, AI Singapore will provide you an internship to realise your idea. Build your dream!

Tips for getting an idea selected

Consider the following points:

  • Does it create new services?
  • Does it reduce costs?
  • Does it save time?
  • Does it provide benefits to society?
  • Can it be developed with current technology?
Problem Statement
  • Are the problem statement and the proposed solution clear and well articulated?

Ready to Share Your Ideas?

Got questions? Refer to the FAQs below or send an email to .


Is there a closing date for idea submission?
No, this is an ongoing initiative. You can submit your idea whenever you have one.

Can students sign up as a team? If yes, what is the maximum number of members?
Yes, teams are welcome. You can form teams of no more than three.

Do students have to know how to code to qualify for an internship?
Yes. You imagined it, you build it! We will mentor you.

Are internships available to all students?
Internships are available to full-time students from upper secondary and above studying at public MOE-registered schools.

When and how long will an internship be?
This will be based on your school’s internship duration.

How much is the internship allowance?
This will be based on your school’s recommendation.

Can a non-student apply for an internship?

I have completed the AI4I. If my idea is selected, am I able to get a refund?
No. Learning never stops! 🙂

Ideas for ideas

Ideas for Theme

We can have Ideas for theme

Get Engagement

How do we encourage user to contribute ideas?

Ideas for Structuring

How do you think is best to structure the content

Singapore Issues


Diabetes has been the No.1 cause of death and every day more and more Singaporeans have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Improve Food Quality

Always face food expiry problems? Know how to resolve it? Share your ideas and win a prize worth $355!

Healthy Lifestyle

Due to busy lifestyle, Singaporeans often spend more time being static and sleep deprivation is common among young adults.

Environmental Issues

Climate Change

Every year, the climate get warmer and warmer. Studies show that the rate of temperature change has increase significantly over the years

Stop Food Wastage

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Mental Health Issues

Stop Bully

One common causes of change in behavior has been linked closely to one's experience with bullies.