AI-Ready Bricks

About AI-Ready Bricks

AI-Ready Bricks are plug-and-play tools which are built on low code/no code machine learning (ML) platforms. Users can learn, build and deploy simple ML solutions via a drag-and-drop interface. 


Ready Recipe

Plug and Play

No coding required


Demand Forecast of Time Series Data

Predicts future demand based on historical data

Boosted Decision Tree Regression

E-commerce Product Recommender

Recommends products based on user-interactions and user-product metadata

Collaborative Filtering

Marketing: Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation groups customers based on their attributes. This gives customer insights and enables targeted marketing.

K-Mean Clustering

Corporate Credit Risk Prediction

Predicts the credit risk for corporate suppliers and customers based on historical data.

Two-Class Decision Forest

Personal Credit Risk Classification

Classifies the credit risk for individual borrowers which can help financial institutions make informed decisions.

Two-Class Boosted Decision Tree

Telco Churn

Predicts customer churn based on users’ profiles and usage behaviour.

Two-Class Boosted Decision Tree

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