Artificial Intelligence for Financial Analysis
by Basil Han on 08 September 2020
(By Nick Lik Khian Yeo) In the world of finance, you will never run out of reading material. ...
Improving Product Quality Engineering with AI
by Basil Han on 01 September 2020
IBM is a major player in the mainframe market. I had a remote chat with IBM data scientist Liu L...
Building a Chatbot in Minutes
by atoh on 01 September 2020
Noodle Factory’s AI-powered chat platform halves the time needed to set up a chatbot and imp...
Detecting Fraud in Travel and Personal Accident Insurance Claims
by atoh on 01 September 2020
SOMPO’s AI Fraudulent Claims Detection system reduces the manual effort involved in the clai...
Boosting Efficiency in Tax Analysis
by atoh on 01 September 2020
GIC uses AI to classify tax update notifications, reducing the need for manual screening of ...
Enhancing Product Quality Risk Classification
by atoh on 05 June 2020
Product quality engineers at IBM spend an inordinate amount of time manually classifying the ris...
Improving Medical Outcomes of Kidney Dialysis Patients
by atoh on 05 June 2020
Kidney failure is on the rise in Singapore with five new cases reported every day, and one new d...
Get Smart with Conversational AI
by Basil Han on 05 June 2020
I caught up with Yvonne Soh, the co-founder and CEO of Noodle Factory, a homegrown startup with ...
Supporting Our Healthcare Workers and Kidney Disease Patients
by Basil Han on 22 November 2019
AI Singapore and RenalTeam were pleased to be able to share with the public the collaborative wo...
Predicting Hospitalisation of Kidney Dialysis Patients with AI
by Lim Tern Poh on 22 November 2019
Sharing of key challenges, processes and insight from developing medical AI model.