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Scaling Speech Lab Offline
by Cheewei on 16 June 2020
Using Kubernetes and Redis to host and scale a 24/7 cloud AI application leads to optimal resour...
HP Inc., Singapore trials artificial intelligence (AI) solution for Social Distancing in its manufacturing facility
by liyi_1 on 03 June 2020
(By HP Inc: Jia Xin, Dishank Bhan, Pandian Ganesan, Gek Kiang Ang, AI Singapore: Ang Liyi, Dr...
Introducing FinePose for Better Social Distancing
by liyi_1 on 08 May 2020
(By Dr Daniel Ng, Edmund Teo, Jway Jin Jun, Kow Yong Sheng, Sun Yikang, Tan Juan Boon) To sup...