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AI Singapore's Journey Into the World of Federated Learning
by Jianshu on 20 October 2020
AI Singapore recently formed a team to build a platform for Federated Learning. This article is ...
Simplifying Admin Processes with TagUI Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
by atoh on 01 September 2020
A common issue shared by businesses is spending copious amounts of time on repetitive admini...
Scaling Speech Lab Offline
by Cheewei on 16 June 2020
Using Kubernetes and Redis to host and scale a 24/7 cloud AI application leads to optimal resour...
HP Inc., Singapore trials artificial intelligence (AI) solution for Social Distancing in its manufacturing facility
by liyi_1 on 03 June 2020
(By HP Inc: Jia Xin, Dishank Bhan, Pandian Ganesan, Gek Kiang Ang, AI Singapore: Ang Liyi, Dr...
Introducing FinePose for Better Social Distancing
by liyi_1 on 08 May 2020
(By Dr Daniel Ng, Edmund Teo, Jway Jin Jun, Kow Yong Sheng, Sun Yikang, Tan Juan Boon) To sup...
Retrieving the Right Information About COVID-19 With Golden Retriever
by Basil Han on 19 February 2020
COVID-19, which spread out of Wuhan, China, to the rest of the world in recent weeks has caused ...