Lex Fridman Interview - Pieter Abbeel
by Koo Ping Shung on 02 March 2020
For those of you who are in the field of Artificial Intelligence, you would have come across Lex...
Tips for Presenting Data Insights
by Koo Ping Shung on 17 February 2020
Presenting your analysis to stakeholders? Here are some presentation tips to make it successful.
What It Takes to Be an AI Apprentice
by basil.han on 10 February 2020
Today, we welcome the fifth batch of apprentices into the AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)™. E...
The AIAP™ Journey : A Sharing from Batch 3
by basil.han on 13 January 2020
The nine-month journey of the AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)™ ended on 23 December, 2019 for...
AIAP™ Batch 3 Graduates!
by basil.han on 09 January 2020
On 23 December, 2019, we witnessed the graduation of the third batch of apprentices from the AI ...
Artificial Intelligence: 2020 and Beyond
by Koo Ping Shung on 17 December 2019
In the past year, we have seen exciting developments in what Artificial Intelligence has to offe...
DevFest Singapore 2019 Takeaways
by basil.han on 03 December 2019
Last Saturday, I attended DevFest Singapore 2019 at Google Developer Space. Among the twenty-odd...
Want an AI Team? Don't Recruit. Grow your own!
by laurenceliew on 29 November 2019
If you want to build your AI team, unless you have the deep pockets of Google or Facebook, you n...
Becoming an AI Apprentice - A Field Guide
by laurenceliew on 22 November 2019
Updated 10th Feb 2020 This is version 3 of the "So you want to become an AI Apprentice". We h...
Supporting Our Healthcare Workers and Kidney Disease Patients
by basil.han on 22 November 2019
AI Singapore and RenalTeam were pleased to be able to share with the public the collaborative wo...
Technical Debt in Building Machine Learning Systems
by basil.han on 19 November 2019
Developing a machine learning (ML) system is not the same as software engineering, as I recently...
The Future of RPA
by basil.han on 07 November 2019
(By Ken Soh) My take on the future of RPA (robotic process automation) - while commercial RPA...
When Machines Mimic Your Voice
by basil.han on 29 October 2019
Last month, in a Facebook post, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong brought to attention what is purp...
AI Singapore at PyCon Singapore 2019
by basil.han on 15 October 2019
Embracing AI, sharpening competitiveness, improving lives The annual PyCon Singapore conferen...
What are all these terms ... Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence?
by Koo Ping Shung on 06 October 2019
As many of you know, I conduct training in a few institutions in Singapore. For instance, NUS SC...