Automating Body Temperature Collection in the Battle Against COVID-19
by basil.han on 05 March 2020
Since the Ministry of Health raised the DORSCON level from yellow to orange on 7 February, 2020,...
Can Your Problems Be Solved by AI?
by Lim Tern Poh on 03 March 2020
Two simple questions to determine whether your problems should and could be solved by AI
Retrieving the Right Information About COVID-19 With Golden Retriever
by basil.han on 19 February 2020
COVID-19, which spread out of Wuhan, China, to the rest of the world in recent weeks has caused ...
Getting Daily COVID-19 Situation Reports from WHO
by basil.han on 18 February 2020
Since 21 January, 2020 (two days before the Wuhan lockdown), the World Health Organization (WHO)...
Tips for Presenting Data Insights
by Koo Ping Shung on 17 February 2020
Presenting your analysis to stakeholders? Here are some presentation tips to make it successful.
COVID-19 : Visualising the Outbreak
by basil.han on 14 February 2020
Since cases of COVID-19 infection started surfacing worldwide in the second half of January, dat...
Recommender Systems - Applying Graph and NLP techniques
by basil.han on 23 January 2020
(By Eugene Yan, republished with permission) In the previous post, we established that a ba...
Recommender Systems : Beyond the user-item matrix
by basil.han on 21 January 2020
(By Eugene Yan, republished with permission) Introduction Recommender systems (“recsys”) a...
Agile AI Engineering in AISG
by weiyih on 08 January 2020
At AI Singapore, we are constantly running several 100 Experiments (100E) projects. To ensure sm...
Making Interoperable AI Models a Reality
by basil.han on 20 December 2019
In one of the last meetup events of the year, one of the graduates of the AI Apprenticeship ...
Analysis of Tweets on the Hong Kong Protest Movement 2019 with Python
by basil.han on 18 December 2019
(By Griffin Leow, republished with permission) (Disclaimer: This article is not intended to m...
Promoting Ethical AI for Human Well-being
by basil.han on 16 December 2019
On the Saturday morning of December 7, AI Singapore joined a few other AI communities across the...
Quick Win from Data - Visualization
by Koo Ping Shung on 02 December 2019
During my work, many have asked the following question, in one form or another. "How can I sc...
Predicting Hospitalisation of Kidney Dialysis Patients with AI
by Lim Tern Poh on 22 November 2019
Sharing of key challenges, processes and insight from developing medical AI model.
NLP in a Great Hurry
by basil.han on 15 November 2019
(Abstracted with permission from NLP in a Hurry by Pier Lim.) Here is a collection of differe...