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Getting into the AI Apprenticeship Programme  



To be accepted into the programme, the apprentice needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Singaporean citizen only
  2. Graduated from a recognized polytechnic or university from ANY discipline
  3. Proficient in Python or R


Knowledge of any of the following will be an advantage:

  • Experience in developing data products, applications or services
  • Familiar with cloud computing and existing cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, GCP and big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark
  • Calculus, linear algebra, probability, statistics and/or computer science concepts
  • Linux, shell scripting, virtual machines or containers
  • Able to implement Machine Learning algorithms
  • Have completed Datacamp’s ‘Data Scientist with Python’ career track, similar courses, or have equivalent work/project experience


It is a competitive programme and all apprentice needs to pass a 1 day technical evaluation workshop to get into the programme.

For more information about AIAP, please visit the AIAP page here.



I think the requirements are a little too high. But what about those who have no work experience, but are very promising and full of ideas? I would like to know what to do in this case. I read on the Internet that at[url=][color=black][/color][/url] they conduct training and introductory courses about IT and its aspects. I would like to ask if I can count on something with a diploma of completion of these courses. I did a lot of self-education and I have a lot of ideas for development. From a young age, I dreamed of working in a similar organization that you represent, I don’t have enough experience. There are options?


The requirements are necessary high as we only have 9-months to get someone with a strong foundation already ready for the work and responsibilities of being an AI Engineer. There is no requirement of work experience. We have fresh graduates able to make it into the programme.

What we look for is someone who is passionate and have put his passion into real work and/or studies to acquire the skills required for entry into AIAP.

Telling me you are passionate and full of ideas and promising is not good enough. You need to show us you have put that passion into real work/studies. We then test how much skills you have acquired on your own (you can follow our AIAP Field Guide).

A key trait of a good AI Engineer is the ability for self-directed learning. We need to see this.

The programme has run for 6 batches already, with the 7th batch waiting to join in about a month's time. So there has actually been enough data collected to calibrate the appropriate level for acceptance. Accepting candidates who will struggle in the programme (i.e. a "false positive") would be a great disservice to both the candidates and the collaborating organisations which have put in substantial resources hoping to bring in tangible returns on their AI journey.

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Have a question: I did a Specialist Diploma in Big Data Analytics at Nanyang Polytechnic, and have just recently completed and been conferred the diploma. Will that be acceptable in lieu of Datacamp's Data Scientist track? Thank you.

- Arifin


Hi Arifin,

DataCamp's 'Data Scientist with Python' career track is not a requirement for the AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP). 

We would like to invite you to apply for AIAP here!

Do remember to include projects you have done previously or tools/libraries you have used in your CV.


All the best!:)



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