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[Solved] Pre-selection methodology for the apprenticeship programme  




I have read from the AISingapore facebook post that out of the AIAP applicants elected for the test: 

  • 50% dropout (they read the test and gave up or failed to submit - like I said, I want to expose them to what is required).
  • 20% will fail (they tried, submitted, but failed the tests)

With such a high dropout rate, why is there the need to pre-filter the applicants? 

Maybe AISingapore would like to share how the pre-filter selection assessment was done and what is required to even be given the chance to take the test.



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2 Answers

The criteria is listed here:

Those that were rejected at the CV review stage typically:

1) not a Singaporean

2) do not have ANY programming background

3) some have just started learning programming for a few months


I personally review each and every CV, so that I also get a sense of the type of people who apply. This is how I am able to tweak our various programmes with the sense from the ground, knowing the background, the courses some of these applicants have taken and provide feedback when required.

We also try to make specific next steps recommendations for those who are rejected at CV stage to help them know what to do next if they are keen to get into AIAP.

My goal is to help as many qualified Singaporeans to get into the AIAP as possible. 






Thank you laurence for the swift reply.

Maybe the test could be publicly released so future applicants can gauge and/or better prepare themselves.



Hi @JamesAI

We have no plans to share the AIAP tests in public - it defeats the purpose of the test. We want to see see how a person copes with the unknown.

The format will however be shared and which we have shared in various forums...

0) you are given a dataset

1) EDA

2) Modelling

3) Explain your model, and specific steps you took in EDA process to improve the outcome.









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