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Why train 500 AI apprentices?  




I would like to understand AI Singapore’s rationale on training 500 apprentices. Why specifically 500? 🤔

Also, what’s the likelihood of someone getting into the program with no background? Let’s say they have completed the 12-month self study plan  and have some projects to show as mentioned in the field guide? Are there any stats on this?

Thank you. 

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Thanks @teckcrunch for your questions.


1. Why 500?

- there is a cost to every programme

- each apprentice will work on a real world AI problem statement, and as we have 200 x100E AI projects + 50 - 100 internal AI projects, we can realistically mentor 500 apprentices

- we would like to train more, and have created a AIAP-X programme to allow other organizations to leverage our methodology and materials, and hope more organizations and agencies will step forward in 2021


2. the AIAP Field Guide is a guide. There is no guarantee anyone completing it will be able to get into the AIAP programme - but I would say that if you are able to complete it, and feel confident about all the materials in the field guide, and can claim to be at intermediate and competent at them... you should stand a good chance. 

Do note that each intake is competitive... we typically have 250 - 500 applicants per batch and only accept 30+ each time.


We plan to run the AIAP programme until 2025... and hopefully beyond as long as there is a demand for the programme. So take your time to learn, and try to apply and take the tests.


Good luck!






Thank you for your detailed reply.

Realistically speaking, I should be able to join batch 9 in 2022 after completing the field guide and show some competence.

Are there any resources other than those mentioned in the field guide that you would recommend? Such as podcast or online communities (Reddit, fb groups etc)?

we are working on a plan to help people going through the AIAP Field Guide themselves.. for now the resources/forum is here. Look out for the new resource towards end 2020 or early 2021.


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