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11/08/2020 4:12 pm  

Hi everyone 🖐️ , 

Nice to meet you. 

I am looking for career advice, i.e. how do I get myself qualified for THIS type of Data analyst role. 

Context : I am a beginner in Machine Learning. I took up a foundational Microsoft Azure ML course. In my previous job, I have 2 years of SQL experience and around 6 years of Digital marketing operations/  Advertising / web analytics experience.  I don't have qualifications in the area of Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Social Science etc. I majored in Communications & Media in the past. 

Please, let me your your sound advice on how I may be qualified to reach this type of roles (besides  obviously taking up courses / MOOCs). 

Many thanks.


Linus Mok
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12/08/2020 8:59 am  
Thanks for your question. From the Job Description you shared, the role is more than a traditional Data Analyst role, where one is expected to prepare data, analyse and present it in a clear and concise fashion for analysis or decision making using software such as Tableau or Qlick. For this role, the incumbent would also, in addition to preparing data and pre-processing, need to do basic modelling and deployment - responsibilities/tasks done by an entry level AI Engineer.
Without your CV, we are unable to properly access your knowledge and experiences, but you have mentioned some good experience in SQL/working with Databases, which is useful. Regardless of your prior experiences, to have this level of skills (that of an AI Associate Engineer), it would typically take 1-3 years of self-directed learning. However, we are pleased to share that AI Singapore has curated a learning pathway at which is firstly free, and can be undertaken on your own, in the evenings or weekends, which means there is no disruption to work or additional costs. The definitive document would be the Becoming an AI Apprentice Field Guide, the guide that is used by most of the successful candidates to our AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP). 
The journey could be challenging, but you can definitely rely on the community for help and advice, starting with  or even at
Once you have completed the curated content, we invite you to get your new found skills certified or, should you wish to be deepskilled further, to try out for the AIAP, where you will be mentored by experienced AI Engineers and given the opportunity to work on real world industry projects. As with most of the programmes here, information is available at our website
Do write in should you have further questions!
Linus Mok
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