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Taxonomy/Design Patterns for AI Problem Domains  


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29/08/2020 11:14 pm  

Asking a question that I have been searching for answers/clues on: We read of "AI write books", "AI teaches itself to play games (and beats humans)", "AI recommends purchases", "AI powers virtual newscasters", "AI drives car", "AI composes music", "AI tells the beautiful carrots from the ugly", etc. Does anyone know of some taxonomy of AI problem domains that would have a place for each of these, or some set of design patterns for AI problems that is out there or that is being researched on?  Appreciate your sharing if you know, or reference to helpful books or sites if you know of such. Thank you.

Yi Sheng
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07/09/2020 11:26 am  

Hey @calvint! This would be a great topic to chat on our Discord server at


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