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No certificate e-mail received for AI4E-2A & AI4E-2B Hands-on  



I received an email with my Digital Badge for AI4E Theory under Accredible, but did not receive for the two AI4E hands-on courses. Searching for them under my other certificates within Accredible also turned up no additional Digital Badges, so I'm wondering if it's a bug or it's normal?

I tinkered around with my AI Makerspace profile name after earning my first Digital Badge, so I'm concerned it messed up the certification links with Accredible and may cause me to fail to receive my future certifications. Kindly advise.

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Hey Yong Hui Yeo!

Nice job on the completion. For now, only some courses (mainly AI4E and AI4I) currently have Accredible certificates associated with them. We may look to increase this number moving forward. 

The profile is only for certificate access.



ah I see. Thanks for the clarifications 👍 


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