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AI Certified Engineer Associate (AICE Assoc) Questions  




Unfortunately I am unable to attend the online briefing on the AI certification.

I would like to ask several question on the assessment test.

As I do not have much time to tinker with the assessment, most likely 2 hours a day. Therefore it would be helpful if I am be able to prepare the test in advance.

1) What are the python libraries that will be used for the assessment?
What is the recommended python version to use? (some libraries such as spacy/tensorflow require 64bit)

2) What are the cloud service provider that will be tested? (I am assuming azure? As this is what was taught for AI4I?)
Do we need to register for an account before hand? Some services such as Google ML may require credit card information?

3) Are there any parts of the assessment that may require extended run time in order to generate the result?


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