Ai Literacy, AI4I a...

Ai Literacy, AI4I and Data Camp question  



Hi all, I have some questions regarding the programmes mentioned in the title. Hope someone here can help me with them!

1) Is AI Literacy a pre-requisite for AI4I?
2) For the AI4I programme, understand that the content is the content covered on Data camp. Is the course fee of $642 before CITREP+ funding inclusive of the subscription for 12 mths of Data Camp? Or is it a separate fee that we have to pay for the Data Camp subscription?

Thanks all!

2 Answers

Hi Xiaonub, 

1.) AI Literacy is not a pre-requisite for AI4I

2.) Yes, the course fee includes the subscription for 12 mths of Data Camp

I am just someone (you mentioned) who has done AI4I, so it is my (recent) experience. I'm pretty sure about (2), and didn't need to do (1) unless things have changed.

Cheers, Ken


Thank you Ken for your reply!
Now you're no longer just "someone" 😀

Have a great week ahead!


Hi Ken,

Can I ask where can we have the access the pre-requisite item 2. Complete “Introduction to Python – Quiz”? 

Thank you.

Wen Chang


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