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AI4I-5-Q: Supervised Learning Quiz  



I did the 1st round of the quiz and there were some answers marked incorrect. I would like to seek clarity and further understanding to the questions and the correct answers presented.

I would like to speak with the someone who can explain or give me some insight to the answers provided.

It was the most challenging so far and being new to this learning.

Please let me know how we can do this over a call.

Thanks and regards,



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Hey @jeffsia.

Thank you for the feedback.

We're looking to hold online sessions going through AI4I content, including questions from learners. Please look out for the announcement topic post and post your questions there.

You can post any questions here in the meantime.


Thank you, Yi Sheng.

I am just mindful of posting my questions here as I will be mentioning the answers to the questions in the quiz but if this is alright I am happy to do so. 

I noted that Q16 and Q36 were missing from the quiz.


Can you help to explain the queries below against your answers provided.

Q1. 81

(1460, 81)

Q2. May I ask is there a threshold of unique values to use to define as categorical values ? < 10, <8, <5 etc?

Q34. Studying the 2 ROC curve areas and 0.73 is higher than 0.72, and is not the same.

Q38. The ROC curve area is 0.68 which is lower and therefore I had False.


Hi admin,

I can only see 4 questions being posted (attached screenshots). There should be more questions for this quiz based on the contents.

Can you advise ? thanks



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