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CITREP+ Claim  



Hi, I remember there is procedures for claiming back the partial course fee for AI4I program, can someone share to me again? Thanks

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I found it.


Dear @liyi,


I have submitted AI for Industry Programme Completion Form (for AI4I Batch 4) two months ago via link:


Under Step 3 mentioned, You should receive your “Foundations in AI” certificate and your attendance sheet via email within 7 business days from the 20th of each month.


However till now I do not receive anything via email. Can you please help to check?





Sure! We will get back to you through your registered contact email address. Thank you!



I am unable to find any link to submit the claim for CITREP+. I also am unable to open the link above. Can someone share with me where i can submit this?




If I only register my Imda Citrep account now after starting my AI for Industry batch 4 course, am I still eligible for Citrep+ claim?

Thanks in advance. 

If you create your CITREP account with the same NRIC as the one entered during AI4I registration, you should be eligible for the claim. Upon completion of the AI4I programme, you should be able to make the claim.

Hope this helps!

Hi Liyi,
Thanks for your info, I notice that we need to update the end-course date as per the instruction given.
However under my CITREP account now dont have such information, do I need to register anything now even I have not completed the datacamp course?



I've resubmitted Citrep claim twice but it still had not went through.

In fact, the application had disappeared.

I am trying to reach out for some admin for assistance if possible.


Hopefully you have emailed in and managed to find assistance!


Started the claim in April, a few back and forths.

There was a lapse after that.

Since Aug 1 CITREP requires acknowledgement from your bank, so additional paperwork.

Should be getting processed now.


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