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After importing the imblearn on anacondo using

conda install -c conda-forge imbalanced-learn.

I am getting the below error when calling RandomOverSampler(random_state=0)

AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last) in 5 print("Before OverSampling, counts of label '0': {} n".format(sum(y_train==0))) 6 over_sample = RandomOverSampler(random_state=0) ----> 7 x_train_res, y_train_res = over_sample.fit_resample(x_train, y_train.ravel()) 8 print("After OverSampling, counts of label '1': {}".format(sum(y_train_res==1))) 9 print("After OverSampling, counts of label '0': {} n".format(sum(y_train_res==0))) D:\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\imblearn\ in fit_resample(self, X, y) 75 check_classification_targets(y) 76 arrays_transformer = ArraysTransformer(X, y) ---> 77 X, y, binarize_y = self._check_X_y(X, y) 78 79 self.sampling_strategy_ = check_sampling_strategy( D:\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\imblearn\over_sampling\ in _check_X_y(self, X, y) 77 def _check_X_y(self, X, y): 78 y, binarize_y = check_target_type(y, indicate_one_vs_all=True) ---> 79 X, y = self._validate_data( 80 X, y, reset=True, accept_sparse=["csr", "csc"], dtype=None, 81 force_all_finite=False, AttributeError: 'RandomOverSampler' object has no attribute '_validate_data'
Did I miss out any other step for the installation of imblearn. I have also tried running with the solution but I get the same error.

Min Hui
2 Answers

I think this is an issue with the data being fed to fit_resample. Have you tried using the RandomOverSampler on the example code? Then you can adjust it from there and look for differences.

Docs example here:



I'm also facing the same problem as you. If you are using Jupyter Notebook via Anaconda, there is an issue with the version of SKlearn. The imbalanced-learn team on github is aware of this problem:

Unfortunately, the solutions I can think of are quite messy and the best way is to wait for Anaconda to update their SKlearn library. 


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