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Technical Question on random.seed  



In cluster analysis in python module on datacamp, in Impact of seeds on distinct clusters, the lecturer passed in a list of values into random.seed.



k-means is called once without a for loop in that example. Does it mean that k-means will automatically load these 3 seeds? I don't really understand how passing a list of value into random.seed works.




2 Answers

Can you screenshot the relevant part of the lesson and attach it here? It would make it a lot easier for others to help you 🙂 


Ok I've managed to track it down. The lesson is using numpy.random.seed, while there is also a random.seed from the Python standard library.

Based on my research, the best I can gather is that passing in a list is exactly the same as passing in an integer. It does nothing special, ie. it just makes the random numbers reproducible. 


o*g - sorry, I just saw your post. thanks a lot! Yea, from that lecture i was confused if somehow passing a list of int as seed will result in some sequence where seed is automatically updated when functions using pseudorandom generators are called. haha

Yea it's confusing for sure.


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