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AI for industry literacy course and AI intermediate  





Will like to check how could we existing batches of AI for industry Batch 5 be able to enrol in the course? 



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yes! it's important for me and my group mates

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AI4I Literacy/Intermediate are the rebranded AI4I, so AI4I Batch 5 learners don't need to register for it.


Hi there, I signed up for the AI4I programme under the COVID19 discount batch - may I know if I have access to AI literacy modules as well? I tried to enroll but am redirected to register for AI4I again.


Would appreciate if someone can clarify the difference between the different batches of AI$I programmes too.


Thank you very much!

Hi @xiaonub! We packaged AI For Everyone into Literacy in AI, so if you want to learn the basic Literacy in AI modules, you can always access the free AI For Everyone.

All batches of AI4I are in the same programme, but they may have slightly different course flows. We are constantly upgrading the course material for all Ai4I batches.


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