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Automatically marking students' engineering drawing by using AI and give the feed back report  


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10/05/2020 10:54 pm  

Dear Sir

I am a lecturer in ITE CC. My depart is Engineering design. We train the students as draftman in civil structure, M&E and marine offshore. So our students learn civil structure drawings, M&E drawing and marine offshore drawings. 

Recently I used to conduct math lesson for HBL. This website analytics tool can provide many useful feedback report to the teachers about the students' performance, such as right or wrong of the tutorials submitted, weekday or weekend they did the exercise and their smart score ect. Their Live Classroom tools also can show which exercises the students are currently doing and show the inactive students currently as well.

I want to extend this concept to Engineering Graphic module. For math module. it is easy to check whether the students' submission is right or wrong by comparing with the answers. However it is difficult for Engineering Drawing. So I ask if there is any way to do it by using AI such as face recognization technology. If it can be successful in Engineering Graphic module, it can be used as platform for all other drawings modules in our department.

Could you please give me some advice on how I can do it? I will be very appreciate if your are willing to collaborate with ITE about this project.   


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