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AI4I-5-Q: Supervised Learning Quiz - Could not 'Finish Quiz' - message 'You must answer all questions before you can complete the quiz' appeared  



Hi Support,

Good day. Need help.

After answered the questions in the 'AI4I-5-Q: Supervised Learning Quiz', I click 'Finish Quiz'. But message 'You must answer all questions before you can complete the quiz' appeared. 

However, I could not find any question that I have not missed out & did not answer.

Btw, I noticed there is no question 16, 30, 31 in the quiz. Is it the cause?




4 Answers

I have difficulty relating the questions to the exercises in this particular quiz?

I am very confused with the references made in the questions and they do not seem to correspond to the chapters and also the exercises? 

I need help from Q18 onwards as the description is very confusing to me. I spent a lot of time trying to relate the questions to the chapter and to the exercises.


Please help.

Thank you.



Good day.

Yes, it is kind of confusing,  as there are some cross reference to different section of SUP-3: Regression.

For Questions 18 – 21: you need to go to SUP-3: Regression, then scroll down to the section in   ‘Building a KNN Regressor’ .

You may use the solution of Linear Regression & amend as per instruction from there

Hope it helps. 





Hi, I kind of sorted this out and able to relate to the questions to all the exercises. It took me a while as a beginner and trying to negotiate all the codes .py and .ipynb and relating them to the exercises, needed some effort. I am sure some of will find this the same too.

In any case, I have completed this exercise, and will need some clarity to some of the answers that was marked wrong. 

Happy working guys !



Hi Admin,

Ok liao. 

I restarted my browser  & redo it all over again. It allows me to complete the quiz.



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