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Yi Sheng
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12/08/2020 7:43 am  

Hi AI For IndustryLearners!

Every Wednesday 12-2pm, our Engineer Yi Sheng will be doing live DataCamp exercises/coding and answering your AI4I-related questions live. Post questions directly in the YouTube chat for a super quick response!

Having trouble with a DataCamp exercise? Let him go through it and explain it live!

Don't understand a Python/pandas/sklearn concept? Just ask!

New to programming and don't understand how to read documentation? He can talk through live examples.

Need more demos of data visualization? No problem!

Programming questions, live demonstrations, concept questions, course admin questions are all game.

Pop in, say hi to your fellow learners, follow along the live coding, ask questions that you have and just enjoy yourself. We don't expect you to stay around for the whole session. 

Can't make it for the session but still want your question answered? Post your question here and he will go through your questions and you can watch the stream recording for the answer.

You can post your question here or live

The link for the next session will always be updated in this post, as well as in an email every Wednesday. This post will also include the stream links for all past sessions, and collated questions and answers (in a Google Sheet).


Next Session

Date: 30 September 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 12-2pm

Link to stream (click on the title to watch it in YouTube with the live chat):

Past Sessions:

Session #9 stream:

Session #8 stream:

Session #7 stream:

Session #7 collated Q&A:

Session #6 stream:

Session #5 stream:

Session #4 stream:

Session #3 stream:

Session #3 collated Q&A:

Session #2 stream:

Session #2 collated Q&A:

Session #1 stream:

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