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[Solved] Intermediate Python (Pandas - iloc)  



I would like to ask, for the following example

import pandas as pd

cars = pd.read_csv('cars.csv', index_col = 0)


How do you know if its going to return row 6 and row 3 from the table or its going to return row 6, column 3 from the table? The table has 7 rows and 3 columns. In the above example, it returned row 6, column 3. In such cases, is using loc better/clearer?


It always will start from index 0 for both row and column. So 5,2 will always be 6,3

ohh but print(cars.iloc[[5,2]]) will give two rows. So, if I want to print two rows using iloc it can only be printed as a DataFrame and not as a Series right?

What are you thinking of when you mean to 'print the two rows as Series'?

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I think I see the confusion here. iloc[5,2] is always going to return row 6 and column 3. If you want iloc to return more than one row, then the first argument to iloc has to be either a list or slice.


iloc[[5,2],:] will return rows 6 and 3 as a new dataframe with all columns.


@ilyasdeen is right!

iloc[5,2] means exactly "the row of index 5 and the column of index 2". It will never refer to two rows.



It is always df.iloc[rows, column], so print(cars.iloc[5,2]) will print out row 6, column 3. This is a series.

If you want a dataframe, then you can do the following:

rows = [:5] # return 1st 5 rows

print(cars.iloc[rows, :]) # return 1st 5 rows, all columns. Column is explicitly specified. This is a dataframe

print(cars.iloc[rows]) # return 1st 5 rows, all columns. Column is NOT explicitly specified. This is a dataframe

Both print(cars.iloc[rows, :]) and print(cars.iloc[rows]) gives same result, but specifying the : tells you the column is explicitly specified.


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