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Upcoming TagUI v6 - breaking changes for improved user experience  


Ken Soh
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19/01/2020 10:21 pm  

TagUI v5.11 (Pre-v6 Release) will be a release that continues to be maintained.

Upcoming is v6 which introduces breaking changes to improve user experience, which had been kept from implementation for backward compatibility since beta release in Feb 2017.

The feature suggestions for v6 will come from @siowyisheng who has a business background, thus able to spot gaps which make it hard for a business or general user to use TagUI.

Listing below the changes that will impact the way users setup and run TagUI workflows -

  • set default usage Chrome visible mode instead of invisible PhantomJS mode
  • standardise .tag as file extension for TagUI scripts for future IDE association
  • do not dump .js, .log, .raw by default, as logs are not required by most users
  • dump step include carriage return + line feed for consistency with write step
  • change variable and string syntax in echo, dump, write, check steps to be consistent with rest of TagUI steps, where string is the default context while variables are denoted by backticks ``
  • consider changing smart locator priority, now it is running through following hierarchy to search for exact match and contains, instead of exact match in hierarchy then contains in hierarchy
    (xpath, css, id, name, class, title, aria-label, text(), href)
  • support Python style indentation code blocks besides {} as it is more readable, but this may impact user existing scripts which uses indentation purely for formatting purpose.

Ken Soh
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Joined: 1 year ago
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19/01/2020 11:48 pm  

Adding on to above -


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