Becoming an AI Apprentice

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A Field Guide for a 12-18 months self-directed AI/ML learning journey

This course is based on the following articles :

This course aims to provide a structure approach to learning and acquiring the skills we expect a candidate to have before he/she applies for the AI Singapore’s AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP).

The picture below depicts the expected pace of a learner interested in applying for AIAP.

What you need to know before you start on this course

This is an intensive road-map to help you in your journey to prepare for the AI Apprentice Entrance Test if you are keen to join the programme. This is a self-directed journey. There are no quizzes. No hand-holding. Just pointers to resources we have found useful, and skills and knowledge an AI Engineer should have. You can also use this for your own AI/ML learning journey.

Please use the forum to post your questions and our AI engineers will try to answer and share their knowledge.