AI for Everyone (AI4E)® Part 1 (Theory – Slides)

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AI for Everyone is a 3-hour workshop to introduce anyone to modern AI technologies and applications so that you can be savvy consumers of AI products and services. You will learn how to identify opportunities and potential use cases in your work and daily lives, and build a simple AI model with online tools.

Course Outline

PART 1 – Theory (~ 1hr 45mins)

  • Overview
    • What is AI
    • History of AI
    • Building an AI product
    • What AI cannot do
    • AI, Jobs and You
    • AI is just maths!
  • AI is just maths!
    • Five questions that AI answers
    • AI is just maths
    • Building an AI model
  • Deep Learning & Applications
    • Artificial Neural Networks
    • Computer Vision
    • Natural Language Processing & Speech Recognition
  • Use Cases Discussions
  • What is next?
    • AI for Industry
    • AI Apprenticeship Programme
    • 100 Experiments
    • Closing Thoughts

Upon completion, you are encouraged to continue with AI for Everyone Part 2 – Hands-on (45 mins)

Notes on using the slides.