AI for Industry™ Batch 4

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Welcome to AI for Industry (AI4I)™ Batch 4.

AI for Industry™ Programme Structure

The programme period will be from 10 September 2019 to 31 March 2021.

It consists of 5 parts:
1. Workshop #1 – Introduction to AI (aka AI for Everyone)
2. Workshop #2 – Hands-on Machine Learning
3. DataCamp’s ‘Data Scientist with Python’ career track
4. Online mentorship via AI Makerspace forum
5. Other resources

Typical Completion Time

The total estimated course learning time is at least 122 hours.

A typical completion time for full-time learning is 4 weeks at 30 hours per week. For part-time learning, typical completion time is 24 weeks at 5 hours per week.