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Welcome to AI4I – Literacy in AI

Course Objectives

Literacy in AI is a 5-hour course which introduces modern AI technologies and applications so that you can be savvy consumers of AI products and services.

Upon completion of this course, the learner would have a good understanding of the basic concepts in AI.

**AI4I – Literacy in AI is a pre-requisite of AI4I – Foundations in AI. A learner will have to complete this module before you can start with AI4I – Foundations in AI.

Learning Outcome

You will learn how to identify AI opportunities and potential use cases in your work and daily lives, and build a simple AI model with online tools. 

Typical Completion Time

The total estimated course learning time is 5 hours.

A typical completion time is 5 days at 1 hour per day.

Completion Criteria

To successfully complete the course, a learner will have to achieve 100% score for all 9 quizzes in AI4I – Literacy in AI.

Learners have unlimited quiz attempts.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the

  1. AI for Industry – Literacy in AI certificate
  2. Access to AI for Industry – Foundations in AI
  3. DataCamp 12-month premium access code,  accessible in the AI4I – Foundations in AI course area



Course Structure and Lesson Plan

AI4I – Literacy in AI consists of a series of basic lessons consisting primarily of short videos, quizzes and examples for an introduction to AI.

This course consists of

  1. 12 compulsory modules
  2. 9 quizzes

The 12 compulsory modules are

S/NSection CodeSection Title
1AI4E-1AWhat is AI? (Part 1)
2AI4E-1BWhat is AI? (Part 2)
3AI4E-2Why AI now?
4AI4E-3AGetting to AI (Part 1)
5AI4E-3BGetting to AI (Part 2)
6AI4E-4What AI cannot do
7AI4E-5Build an AI System
8AI4E-6AI, Jobs and You
9AI4E-7Modern AI Apps
10AI4E-8Are You Ready for AI?
12AI4I-BasicAdditional Practice

The 9 quizzes are

S/NQuiz CodeQuiz Title
1AI4E-1A-QWhat is AI? (Part 1)
2AI4E-1B-QWhat is AI? (Part 2)
3AI4E-2-QWhy AI now?
4AI4E-3B-QGetting to AI (Part 1)
5AI4E-3A-QGetting to AI (Part 2)
6AI4E-4-QWhat AI cannot do
7AI4E-5/6-QAI, Jobs and You
8AI4E-7/8-QAre You Ready for AI?
9AI4I-Basic-QPractice Quiz

Programme Support

For technical questions relating to course content, please post them on the forum.
For questions relating to AI for Industry, please email us at
For questions relating to DataCamp, you may email DataCamp at


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