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Welcome to AI4I – Foundations in AI

Course Objectives

Foundations in AI is a 140-hour online course which aims to help learners understand and use AI appropriately and be able to program basic AI and data applications in Python.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this course, the learner would be able to build basic AI models and Data applications.

Typical Completion Time

The total estimated course learning time is at least 140 hours.

A typical completion time for full-time learning is 5 weeks at 30 hours per week. For part-time learning, typical completion time is 28 weeks at 5 hours per week.

Completion Criteria

To successfully complete the course, a learner will have to achieve 100% score on all 9 quizzes on AI4I – Foundation in AI. Learners have unlimited attempts on quizzes.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the AI for Industry – Foundations in AI certificate.


AI4I – Literacy in AI

Course Structure and Lesson Plan

AI Makerspace is the primary learning platform used for AI for Industry – Foundations in AI.

AI4I – Foundations in AI consists of

  1. 40 compulsory modules and 5 optional modules
  2. 9 quizzes

Each module in AI4I – Foundations in AI closely references a specific module on DataCamp which we would recommend you to complete before attempting the quiz in AI4I – Foundations in AI.

This course is bundled with 12-month DataCamp premium access.

You can find the lesson plan for AI4I – Foundations in AI below:

S/NSection / Module
 I4I-0: Administration
1DataCamp Access Code
 AI4I-1: Introduction to Python
2IPY-1: Introduction to Python
3IPY-2: Intermediate Python
4IPY-3: Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)
5IPY-4: Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 2)1 Quiz
 AI4I-2: Libraries and Data Manipulation
6LIB-1: Cleaning Data in Python
7LIB-2: pandas Foundations
8LIB-3: Manipulating DataFrames with pandas
9LIB-4: Merging DataFrames with pandas1 Quiz
 AI4I-3: Exploratory Data Analysis
10EDA-1: Introduction to Data Visualisation in Python
11EDA-2: Preprocessing for Machine Learning in Python
12EDA-3: Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Python
13EDA-4: Feature Engineering for NLP in Python1 Quiz
 AI4I-4: Statistical Thinking
14STAT-1: Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 1)
15STAT-2: Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 2)
16STAT-3: Dimensionality Reduction in Python1 Quiz
 AI4I-5: Supervised Learning
17SUP-1: Setting up your Machine Learning Environment
18SUP-2: Supervised Learning with scikit-learn
19SUP-3: Regression
20SUP-4: Classification
21SUP-5: Machine Learning with Tree-based Models in Python
22SUP-6: Model Validation in Python1 Quiz
23OTH-1: XGBoost Gradient Boosting (Optional)
24OTH-2: Machine Learning for Time Series Data in Python (Optional)
 AI4I-6: Unsupervised Learning
25UCLU-1: Unsupervised Learning in Python
26UCLU-2: Cluster Analysis in Python
27UCLU-3: Unsupervised Learning1 Quiz
 AI4I-7: Deep Learning
28DPL-1: Introduction to Deep Learning in Python
29DPL-2: Introduction to Tensorflow in Python
30DPL-3: Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras
31DPL-4: Deep Learning1 Quiz
32OTH-3: Advanced Deep Learning with Keras (Optional)
33OTH-4: Image Processing in Python (Optional)
34OTH-5: Image Processing with Keras in Python (Optional)
 AI4I-8: Other Programming Languages and Tools to Learn
35LATO-1: Introduction to SQL
36LATO-2: Joining Data in SQL
37LATO-3: Introduction to Shell
38LATO-4: Conda Essentials
39LATO-5: Hyperparameter Tuning in Python1 Quiz
 AI4I-9: Data Science and AI in the Real World
40DSPM-1 Data Science Project Lifecycle
41DSPM-2: Setting up your own AI System using an AI Makerspace ‘brick’1 Quiz
 Mission Accomplished!
42The Next Steps

The list of 9 quizzes are as follows:

S/NQuiz CodeQuiz Title
1AI4I-1-QQuiz 1: Introduction to Python Quiz
2AI4I-2-QQuiz 2: Libraries and Data Manipulation Quiz
3AI4I-3-QQuiz 3: Exploratory Data Analysis Quiz
4AI4I-4-QQuiz 4: Statistical Thinking Quiz
5AI4I-5-QQuiz 5: Supervised Learning Quiz
6AI4I-6-QQuiz 6: Unsupervised Learning Quiz
7AI4I-7-QQuiz 7: Deep Learning Quiz
8AI4I-8-QQuiz 8: Other Languages and Tools to Learn Quiz
9AI4I-9-QQuiz 9: Data Science and AI in the Real World Quiz

Programme Support

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For questions relating to AI for Industry, please email us at
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