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Course Instructors: Azmi Mohamed Ridwan and Lim Tern Poh. Senior AI Engineers | AI Industry Innovation | AI Singapore

AI for Professionals is a blended learning programme to help technically inclined individuals to understand and use AI appropriately and be able to program basic AI and data applications in Python. The learning consists of 2 Parts: Datacamp’s “Data Scientist in Python” Track and 6 Learning modules created by AI Singapore’s AI Engineers.

The learning is self-paced and done online at Datacamp’s platform (Part 1) and AI Singapore’s AI Makerspace (Part 2). Lessons are designed not to come complete with all the answers. It will require problem-solving skills, resourcefulness and initiatives which are key competencies needed by Data Scientists to be successful.

Participants will need to pay a course fee depending on the residential status (Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or Foreigner). The fee covers the premium account subscription for Datacamp and the programme administrative costs.

Completing the 122-hours learning curriculum will allow the participants to receive a “Practical Foundation in AI” certificate. The certificate may be used as an eligibility criterion for future learning programmes by AI Singapore to help them on their learning journey.