AI Tools, Software, Frameworks and Platforms.

Common AI problem statements distilled and the tools you can use to solve them.

AI Tools and Software

Open source RPA

Supported and developed by AI Singapore, TagUI is a free full-featured desktop RPA tool for anyone to use. TagUI does User Interface (UI) automation. It replicate actions you do on your desktop and websites, such as clicking and typing.

Computer Vision

Computer vision’s goal is not only to see, but also process and provide useful results based on the observation. With the latest Deep Learning algorithms today, computer vision has reached near human capabilities for certain use cases.

Natural Language Processing

The goal of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is to enable computers to understand language as well as we do. The traditional statistical approach to NLP have been supplanted by modern Deep Learning approaches with higher accurarcy.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is the task of detecting spoken words but there is more to speech recognition than recognizing individual sounds in the audio: sequences of sounds need to match existing words and make sense in the language.

AI Technology Stack

The AI Singapore technology stack is being built based on our project experience and includes components and features to support our data scientists and AI engineers in their 100E work and is continuously evolving to incorporate new technologies and address new challenges in machine learning. While the AI Tech Stack is an internal use only platform, we plan to share it with the community once it is stable and have matured.

Compute & Storage

Scalable storage processing from sensors to databases.


Ability to scale the workload from desktop to High Performance Computing Clusters or the Cloud.


Deployment of AI model into production (at scale!).

Suite of tools

The most common AI and Ml tools for majority of use cases.


Repeatable and reproducible outcome from data processing to AI predictions.

Easy of use

Easy to setup data and AI pipeline at scale.