Speech Lab

Developed in collaboration with Professor Li Haizhou (National University of Singapore) and Associate Professor Chng Eng Siong (Nanyang Technological University).

about Speech lab

Speech recognition helps you convert audio to text. Our speech engine recognises and transcribes English, Mandarin and Singlish. Our code switching technology is uniquely catered for Singlish as it can recognise conversations comprising words from different languages (a mix of English and Mandarin). This speech engine can be further customized for various use cases in different domains.

Tip: Our speech engine performs best in quiet environments. For optimal results, users should use a high-quality microphone and  be as conversational as possible when recording.

Key Features

Recognise Singlish

Includes local landmarks and road names

Customised to domain

Can be retrained with domain-specific audio

On-premise solution

Catered for users with sensitive data

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How it Works

Batch Transcribe

This analyses completed audio recordings for transcription.

  • Transcribes audio data in batches
  • High-score transcriptions
  • Supports .wav, .mp3, .mp4 files

Live Transcribe

This analyses an audio stream in real time to provide on-the-fly transcription.

  • Real-time transcription
  • Supports .wav files

Product Demo

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Automatic Transcriptions

  • Speech-to-text at Call Centres
  • Transcribing during interviews
  • Medical Consultations

Chatbot and Digital Assistants

Transcribing voice commands in chatbots and smart assistant technology

Use Cases


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