Social Distancing

About FinePose

To combat COVID-19, AISG has developed a social distancing app to encourage individuals to maintain physical distance from each other. 

Note: This app reflects an approximate measure of physical distance and should not be used as a substitute for healthcare guidelines.

The mobile app’s APK (alpha version) for Android phones is downloadable from this page. Please contact us for further discussion if you would like to deploy on other devices such as cameras and laptops.


Easy to deploy on-edge (Android phones) or

No login required

Fast setup to enable ease of use

Protects your privacy

Video feed is not recorded

Real-time inference

Raises alert (red) if individuals are standing close to each other

Want to know how it works?


Step 1: Download the APK file

Step 2: Follow instructions to install

Step 3: Launch FinePose

Android phone requirement

  • Minimum Android 9 with Snapdragon 855 processor or equivalent. 
  • An app is required to unzip and extract the file.

Other information

  • Projecting the screen to an external monitor is suggested for easy viewing.
  • If you prefer to install onto a computer with a web camera, please contact us for further details.

Got questions?

For support enquiries, drop us an email!