Food Security and Productivity

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3 weeks agoapproved1

Food security will receive higher priority post-covid. Singapore is aiming to be urban’s agriculture technology hub ( too.

Proposed AISG Brick
1) Veg AI. We could identify the most common vegetable grown locally (should be cabbage) and design an AI brick that could help local farms to boost their food production. The AI could be in the form of recommender system to suggest actions to the farmer. This will also help next-gen farmer who have no prior farm experience to get started if they are interested in high-tech agriculture.

2) Fish AI. Same use case as Veg AI, but for high-tech fish farm. How much feed should be given and at what interval to optimise the growth of farmed fishes?

3) Disease AI (built on top of fish AI and Veg AI). CV to spot for abnormalities in veg growth/appearance and fish behaviour which could indicate diseases. Could allow farmers to take early action to reduce damage to crop/fish. Can also be used on precious Feng Shui fishes to detect potential disease (both at home and on farm).