Curated training courses and workshop developed by AI Singapore's engineers and scientists, academic collaborators which will guide our users on their AI learning journey.

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If you are looking to have an understanding of what AI is about, this section will be for you! The goal for these courses are to demystify AI for everyone, regardless of your background. Stay tuned for exclusive content tailored for specific industries. 


These are free courses for working professionals and students who want to dive deeper into data science (DS), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). These courses may take from 1 – 12-months to complete. 


We believe that building the next generation of talent should start early.
These series of courses are tailored for students from primary 4 – 6 (AI for Kids) and secondary to university (AI for Students).


These are paid courses for the working professionals and students who have a conceptual understanding of AI and would like to take a step further. If you intend to start or switch to a career in DS/ML/AI – this is a good place to start.

AI for Industry™

New enrollment from June 2020 onwards 

Previous enrollment between September 2019 to May 2020

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