LearnAI is AI Singapore’s outreach and community effort to educate everyone about AI and how to leverage AI in his/her daily life and work, to become more productive and to be ready for the AI revolution.

AI Courses and Workshops

These are curated training courses and workshops which will guide participants on their AI learning journey. Some of these courses are developed by AI Singapore’s engineers and scientists, academic collaborators from the universities (local and overseas), and from industry technology partners. Nearly all of these courses are FREE, except for a few PAID courses which are charged by the technology partner. For these paid courses, we have evaluated their value to the participants and determined that the value it brings justify the costs. 

Do note that AI Singapore will update and refresh these courses regularly, so please be patient if you cannot access or view all the course materials sometimes.


These series of courses are meant for students from primary 4 – 6 (AI for Kids) and secondary to university (AI For Students).


Our most popular AI course – AI For Everyone – is for anyone who is wondering what the AI hype is all about. The aim of these AI4E courses is to demystify AI for everyone! As we engage each specific industry, you will also see industry specific AI4E courses.


These are courses for the working professionals and students who wants to dive deeper into data science (DS), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). The courses here can take from 1 – 12-months to complete. If you intend to start or switch to a career in DS/ML/AI – this is a good place to start.

Stay tuned for more courses!

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