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AI algorithms we encounter in our research and use during 100E development.

AI and Curve Fitting

This article from last year popped up in my newsfeed recently. It contains a discussion on whether AI systems today

Demystifying RPA

What is RPA? The buzzword “RPA” has been gaining traction in recent years across different industries, but what is it


Best practices, methods and experiences learnt working on AI/ML projects in AI Singapore.

Quick Win from Data – Visualization

During my work, many have asked the following question, in one form or another. “How can I score quick wins from my existing data?” It is a reasonable question, given that many organizations have spent

NLP in a Great Hurry

(Abstracted with permission from NLP in a Hurry by Pier Lim.) Here is a collection of different Python libraries for natural language processing (NLP) which can be invaluable for rapid prototyping. Semantic Similarity Sentence Transformers

Software Engineering for Machine Learning : A Case Study

Some take-away points from Microsoft’s paper Microsoft presented this paper at this year’s International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2019). It is a distillation of the experiences gained by the numerous software teams within the

Chip Graphics

Intel Python’s Performance

Introduction Machine learning algorithms can take significant amounts of time to run. Intel’s distribution of Python aims to accelerate this machine learning process without users having to switch to C or C++. The prospect of

Book Reviews

Too many books, too little time? Zero in on the best books, curated by our community

Data for the People by Andreas Weigend : a Book Review

I was introduced to this book by a close friend of mine who is currently working as a data analyst in a prominent start-up. The audio-book is available at the National Library which you can

The AI Economy by Roger Bootle : a Book Review

The AI Economy caught my attention when I was browsing for books at Kinokuniya Singapore. I am an economist by training and am always fascinated by the subject, so a book with such a title

The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book

This is an excellent book for those that studied AI 10, 20 or 30 years ago, and need a quick weekend refresher course. In 100-pages, the author takes the reader through the basics of machine

Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn & Tensorflow

An excellent introductory-intermediate book for any software engineer familiar with Python to quickly pick up machine learning. It will take the beginner to coding relatively proficiently with Python+Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow in a few weeks if

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

With this book, you will learn:  Fundamental concepts and applications of machine learning Advantages and shortcomings of widely used machine learning algorithms How to represent data processed by machine learning, including which data aspects to


Listen to our Industry Experts on the go!

AI Singapore : Past, Present, Future

In our inaugural podcast, I had the opportunity to speak to Laurence, our Director of Industry Innovation, who is a highly recognisable public face of AI Singapore. Hear about his AI journey, his experiences running



Four public AI for Kids (AI4K) workshops were recently conducted during the June school holidays. With support from Facebook and the National Library Board (NLB), 120 enthusiastic participants had a good and enriching time learning

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