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AI algorithms we encounter in our research and use during 100E development.

10 Gradient Descent Optimisation Algorithms + Cheat Sheet

Gradient descent is an optimisation method for finding the minimum of a function. It is commonly used in deep learning models to update the weights of the neural network through backpropagation.

In this post, I will summarise the common gradient descent optimisation algorithms used in popular deep learning frameworks (e.g. TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe). The purpose of this post is to make it easy to read and digest (using consistent nomenclature) since there aren’t many of such summaries out there, and as a cheat sheet if you want to implement them from scratch.


Best practices, methods and experiences learnt working on AI/ML projects in AI Singapore.

Automated Feature Engineering

Automating reptitive tasks is one of the hallmarks of software engineering. One of the main task in data science is to be able to extract good and relevant features from your data. The marriage of

Full stack AI

A good read from IBM on how a full stack end to end AI hardware infrastructure can be put together. Built with scalability in mind with comprehensive coverage of the various needs within an enterprise

Data Science/Analytics transformation for your company

Some of AI Singapore’s team members including myself  have been helping companies build their data analytics/data science capabilities and teams since 2011. Several of us form the core team in Revolution Analytics (enterprise R) in

Book Reviews

Too many books, too little time? Zero in on the best books, curated by our community

Data mining with Rattle and R

For those keen to use R but yet need a quick start to solve some immediate data-mining problems, you can use Rattle. From the Rattle website: Rattle is a popular GUI for data mining using

Deep Learning – A Practitioner’s Approach

From this book, you will learn: Dive into machine learning concepts in general, as well as deep learning in particular Understand how deep networks evolved from neural network fundamentals Explore the major deep network architectures,


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Four public AI for Kids (AI4K) workshops were recently conducted during the June school holidays. With support from Facebook and the National Library Board (NLB), 120 enthusiastic participants had a good and enriching time learning

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