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Intel Python’s Performance

Introduction Machine learning algorithms can take significant amounts of time to run. Intel’s distribution of Python aims to accelerate this machine learning process without users having to switch to C or C++. The prospect of

It is Good to Learn Programming

As an economist by training, I did a lot of mathematics and statistics modules during my university days. I only had a one-module experience in programming and that was with Java, which in my opinion

Polyaxon – Reproducible data science experiments

I have been looking at the emerging tooling around reproducible data science recently and am glad to have discovered Polyaxon. While still in the early stages of development, being able to run and scale the

Automated Feature Engineering

Automating reptitive tasks is one of the hallmarks of software engineering. One of the main task in data science is to be able to extract good and relevant features from your data. The marriage of

Full stack AI

A good read from IBM on how a full stack end to end AI hardware infrastructure can be put together. Built with scalability in mind with comprehensive coverage of the various needs within an enterprise

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AIAP™ Batch 3 Graduates!

On 23 December, 2019, we witnessed the graduation of the third batch of apprentices from the AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)™. In his keynote address, Director of AI Industry Innovation, Laurence Liew, thanked the new graduates

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