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HP Inc., Singapore trials artificial intelligence (AI) solution for Social Distancing in its manufacturing facility
by liyi_1 on 03 June 2020
(By HP Inc: Jia Xin, Dishank Bhan, Pandian Ganesan, Gek Kiang Ang, AI Singapore: Ang Liyi, Dr...
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I had no idea how to write code two years ago ... Now I’m an AI engineer
by davidcjw on 12 May 2020
A career switch as Elsa said, is a journey “into the unknown” Two years ago, I graduated...
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Get Smart with Conversational AI
by Basil Han on 05 June 2020
I caught up with Yvonne Soh, the co-founder and CEO of Noodle Factory, a homegrown startup with ...
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Data Engineering at AI Singapore
by mmanning on 02 July 2020
The newly formed Data Engineering team at AI Singapore has plans to refine data management pract...
Scaling Speech Lab Offline
by Cheewei on 16 June 2020
Using Kubernetes and Redis to host and scale a 24/7 cloud AI application leads to optimal resour...
An Overview of AI Ethics and Governance
by Basil Han on 12 June 2020
A few weeks ago, AI Singapore hosted Andreas Deppeler, Adjunct Associate Professor at NUS Busine...
Enhancing Product Quality Risk Classification
by atoh on 05 June 2020
Product quality engineers at IBM spend an inordinate amount of time manually classifying the ris...
Improving Medical Outcomes of Kidney Dialysis Patients
by atoh on 05 June 2020
Kidney failure is on the rise in Singapore with five new cases reported every day, and one new d...

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