AI for Kids (AI4K)®

AI for Kids (AI4K) introduces AI in a blended learning format to school children aged between 10 to 12 years old.  They will be taught machine learning concepts, computational thinking, and finally use Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services to build a basic AI application.

AI4K Programme Structure

AI4K Certified Instructors

Certified Instructors are trained facilitators who can teach the full AI4K curriculum and deliver the learning outcomes.

AI Singapore works with its Certified Training Partner, AI Learning Lab, to conduct regular AI4K Train-the-Trainer (TTT) courses.   The primary audiences are MOE school teachers and ICT facilitators so that our school can develop internal capabilities and resources to have the means and flexibility to teach AI for our students anytime.

AI Singapore also accepts Parent Volunteers, those intending to be and those who are already in the schools’ Parent Support Groups, to be trained – so that they can play a part to help the schools scale the participation of AI4K boot camps to their cohorts.

AI Singapore hopes to achieve the goal of having every MOE upper primary school students in Singapore to learn about AI.


Certification Process

AI4K Train-the-Trainer Course

The AI4K Train-the-Trainer (TTT) course comprises of a two-day TTT session and one full participation at a organized AI4K public bootcamp with actual student participants.  This course is conducted only by AI Singapore’s certified partner and qualified instructors.

The two-day session will teach trainees the AI4K curriculum and the hands-on activities.  Trainees will be tasked to present independently and be peer-reviewed and graded by the Master Trainer before passing this session.

Trainees will then be required to participate in at least one AI4K public bootcamp, either as hands-on facilitators or lesson presenters, before graduatiing.

Graduated trainees will receive a AI4K™ Certified Instructor” certificate, as well as the licensed AI4K™ instructional materials and resources to conduct AI4K™ – branded workshops within MOE primary schools. 

The course fee is SGD 480 (excl. GST) and the certification is only valid for 2 years.

Update 29 April 2020 :  At the current moment,  AI Singapore is not organizing the Train-the-Train Course which needs to be conducted face-to-face.  If  you have interest, please write to us

Frequently Asked Questions

About AI4K

What is AI4K ?

AI for Kids (AI4K)™ is a programme to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) to primary 4-6 school children through a blended learning approach with online, classroom and hands-on activities. The curriculum is designed by AI Singapore in partnership with NUS High School of Maths and Science. It teaches participants machine learning concepts and how to use popular tools such as Scratch and Azure Cognitive Services to build basic AI applications.

Who is AI4K for?

AI4K curriculum is designed for upper primary school children in mind (10-12 years old). Having said that, if your child is interested to learn, there is no restriction to age! Happy learning!

AI4K Certified Instructor Programme

What is a Certified Instructor?

This is a certificate awarded to participants who pass our AI4K Train-the-Trainer course. As a certified instructor, you will have full access to our AI4K lesson and materials and be qualified to teach AI4K™-branded workshop in the primary school you are volunteering in.

What is Train-the-Trainer (TTT)?

This is a 2-day course conducted by our Certified Training Partner.  Trainees will learn AI4K curriculum, be able to present and conduct the hands-on activities independently. The trainees will be peer-reviewed and graded by Master Trainer.

How long is the TTT Session?

The duration of the session is 2 days long (6 hours per day). You are required to attend all 2 days, and pass the assessment and peer reviews, and facilitate at least 1 AI4K™ public bootcamp in order to be certified.

I am currently working and cannot attend the TTT Course. Should I still apply?

In order to qualify as an AI4K Certified Instructor, you are required to attend all TTT session.  Some TTT may be conducted on weekends.  If you are interested in upcoming schedules, please sign up for our mailing list to stay updated.

Do I need to pay for the TTT?

Yes, the fee is SGD 480 (excluding GST).

Can I use my SkillsFuture credits to apply?

Not at the moment.

Does it mean that I will get accepted into a Primary School of my choice with Phase 2B?

No.  AI4K™ Certified Instructor Programme is not related to MOE Parent Volunteer Scheme.


Who can apply to this programme?

Anyone working or living in Singapore who has interest to join the TTT course.

I am not a Singapore citizen, can I apply?

Please contact us at to indicate your interest. 

I am not a parent but would like to volunteer. Should I apply?

This programme is suitable for Singapore-based parents who are currently volunteering or wish to participate parent volunteering in MOE schools soon.


If I cannot attend 1 out of 3 days of the TTT workshop, can I attend that day in the next session?

No, you are not allowed to replace any lesson and 100% attendance is required to be certified. 

How long is this AI4K™ Certified Instructor certificate valid for?

It is valid for 2 years.


Can I arrange dedicated sessions for my school's teachers / parent support group to attend the TTT course?

Yes, the school must commit to a minimum class size of 10 participants (TTT course fee applies).

Will I be able to conduct AI4K™ Bootcamp outside primary schools on my own after my certification?

No. However, AISG can organize the session with you as the lead trainer.