AI for Students (AI4S)®

AI for Students (AI4S) is a programme to equip our next generation of AI talents with programming and data skills. Educators from MOE public schools can tap on AISG’s partnership with Datacamp to leverage on their learning platform to support their teaching and make data fluency part of the students’ learning journey. Students can also do their independent learning using our curated learning modules within LearnAI section in AI Makerspace.

Programme Highlights


Eligibility Criteria



  • Existing full-time pre-employment training (PET) students of a government/government-aided secondary schools and Post-Secondary Education Institutes (PSEI)
  • Students are required to register using a valid school email address 

How to Get Started

For Students

Create an AI Makerspace account using your official school email address.

If you have an existing AI Makerspace account with your personal email, you are required to create a new account with your school email address.

Login to your AI Makerspace account.

Complete the registration form on AI4S course page.

Note: AI4S course can be found under ‘LearnAI’ tab.

Receive a confirmation email when you have successfully registered.

Access to AI Makerspace and DataCamp will be provisioned by the course start date.

For Educators

Complete the application form below.  The course start date should be at least 2 weeks from the date of application.

2. Approval

AI Singapore will verify your application.  Applicant will receive notification in 2 weeks’ time.

3. Success

Access to your DataCamp group account from the start date of the course.

Registration (For Students Only)

For full-time students currently studying in a MOE registered school and wish to register for the programme, please proceed to AI Makerspace to create an account and start learning.

Application Form (For Educators Only)

Please select a valid form

Frequently Asked Questions

For Students

Who can apply?

All full-time students who are currently studying in a government/government-aided secondary schools and Post-Secondary Education Institutes (PSEI). You are required to register using your official school email address.

If I am currently studying in school that is not listed, what should I do?

You may sign up for DataCamp separately here. Please note that there will a subscription charge. 

When my 6-month premium access expires, can I apply again?

Yes, as long as you fulfill the requirements of being a current student in a government/government-aided secondary schools and Post-Secondary Education Institutes (PSEI) and have a valid official school email address.

DO I receive a certificate issued by AI Singapore?

No, AI Singapore does not issue a certificate for this programme. 

For Educators

Who can apply?

All local educational institutes from government / government-aided secondary schools and Post-Secondary Education Institutes (PSEI) can apply for the programme

How long will access to datacamp be given?

Upon successful application, you will be given access for 6 months.



You may request for 1-month free access by completing this form


No, you cannot extend your premium access. You are required to apply for access again. Please note that the DataCamp group settings you have configured previously will reset. 

Will a staff role be different from a student role in datacamp?

The staff who applied for the AI4S programme will be the administrator of the group, gain access to DataCamp content and administrator  dashboard.

Will students receive a datacamp certificate upon completion of a datacamp module?

Yes, students receive DataCamp certificates from completing the courses, skill tracks and career tracks.

Where can I find a list of all DataCamp's modules?

You can find it here. 

Are there any projects that can be incorporated into my course?

Students can apply what they learnt in courses through DataCamp Projects

Alternatively, you may wish to explore AI Singapore’s open source softwares which your staff/students may find useful.

Is there an AI Certification roadmap for students from secondary schools to university?

AI Singapore has chartered an AI Certification framework which provides a structured roadmap for individuals to gain their desired proficiency and


DataCamp has career tracks to guide students here.

Are there other ways to introduce AI to students to help them see the relevance of AI in everyday life?

We recommend AI Singapore’s online module “AI for Everyone“.